This is gonna be a bit depressing, but…

I think I’m just gonna give up on help asking for my dreamies. It’s happened about 9 times now where someone tells me they have one for me, and then they tell me they gave her to someone who had a bigger stick or someone they liked more. I’m sorry, I’m new, I don’t have anything for you, and believe me, I know it. -_- so I give up.



Merengue art by JustDuet

When Merengue moved in from campsite I had planned to either trade her for Lolly or give her away. I really wanna give back to my followers and people who have helped me and just the animal crossing community in general so I decided to give her away :D!

• Giveaway ends July 1st at 12pm EST and will pick the winner within the next hour or two (giving the winner 24 hours to respond. If you don’t respond I’ll pick a new winner on her move out day at 12pm EST)
• Like’s and reblogs both count. If you do both it’ll count as 2 entries~ Only one like and reblog per person. If you reblog twice it only counts as 1 entry.
• You don’t have to follow me (since I don’t want people who don’t enjoy my blogs content to follow me~) but if you are a follower of mine or have helped me get items then your name will be put in twice.
• Have your inbox open and be willing to exchange friend codes.
• The winner will be picked randomly. Please do not be upset if you aren’t picked. This is just a friendly giveaway (: and there are many other ways of obtaining her if you do not get her~

Feel free to message me with any questions :D 

My main blog is Octopee and I’ll be messaging the winner from that blog